Piston rods

Hard chrome plated steel bars and tubes, nickel and hard chrome plated steel bars and tubes, hard chrome plated stainless steel bars.

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Machined piston rods

Machined piston rods and customized solutions.

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Cylinder tubes

Cylinder tubes, inside honed or skived and roller burnished, welded cold drawn tubes, inside smooth as drawn or honed.

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Linear shafts

Linear shafts and customized precision shafts for linear motion systems.

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NIMET Romania is a major European producer of hard chrome plated steel bars and tubes, nickel and chrome plated bars and tubes, linear shafts and customized precision shafts on the market of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems.

NIMET offers you a well-conceived range of products manufactured in modern facilities with advanced plating technologies.
We can achieve chroming process for piston rods up to 7500 mm length and maximum 180 mm diameter.
We also produce inside chrome plated tubes used for concrete and extraction pumps.

Market approach

Right from the outset NIMET has approached the market with competence and professionalism and developed into a modern and dynamic company promoting technical competence, respect and support for the clients.

Located in a green and healthy environment in Lazuri, Dambovita, only 80 km far from Bucharest and about 300 km far from the main Romanian port Constanta, NIMET’s strategic geographical position at the crossroads of Asia - Africa - Europe, offers extended feeder services all over the world.


Working only with the best European mills, considered the most agreed producers in the world of steel, the raw material is supplied to NIMET in 100% ultra-sonic and anti mixture testing condition.

The main manufacturing processes are controlled by automated measurement systems, active measurement laser systems and CNC machines.

Following strict procedures of quality assurance, quality testing is done in NIMET’s modern laboratories, successfully contributing in creating high quality products and bringing the company in the scheme of a good international repute.

The harmonized process follows the major system management standards:
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS-18001-2007.

NIMET on the worldwide market of hydraulic equipments

NIMET was established in 2008 and has grown since into a reputable name for the worldwide manufacturers located in more than 70 countries from several industries:

  • Lifting, cranes and tail-lift equipment
  • Marine and off-shore industry
  • Mining industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Construction industry
  • Steel manufacturing industry
  • Automotive manufacturing industry
  • Linear motion equipment industry
  • Bodybuilding and fitness equipment
  • Printing and sorting machinery
  • Sliding systems
  • Shock absorbers and gas springs
  • Pneumatic cylinders